lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

I want to take you on a journey... a journey of a million lives all rolled up into one, yours...

I've been dueling on how does one do to come up with a good beggining for a story. Do you take it from the very beggining? or maybe start at the middle, the "now", or you just take it all the way to the end and work your way from there. Or maybe, you can start by making a louzy introduction about anything at all that hopefully will become something eventually, as i am hoping it will now. See, the thing is that the beggining is really important as it lays the ground for everything else to come, so you need a good start.
But, what if i tell you that there's no beggining at all?  It ALSO, never ends. It actually doesnt even have any middle grownd to it. But thats crazy!! you may think. How on earth are you gonna tell a story about ANYTHING AT ALL. Well my friends, you yourself have answered that question, IT is not an earthly matter.
It happens in the vacum of infiniteness, the place we're free from all bounderies, the place were people go when they die, the place babies come from as well... Imagine yourself as you would feel if yo were suspended on water, feel the water all around you, feel how your muscles are in total relaxation. Now feel how you fall down into the deep. Everything is dark, as you start to drift away, as the sounds sorronding you decrease. Even though you can't see a thing, you feel like everything arond you starts getting blurry. You are feeling as confortable as can be; you are weightless, mindless, senseless. What a strange thing to be, what a weird situation you find yourself in, i had ceased to exist... traveling at the speed of light next to billions of photons across infinity.
I stoped ,left the cosmic highway and took a left trhough an open exit.
passed trough a curtain of light and all off the sudden i was able to see again, wasnt sure what it was. Mostly the brightness of the light, but oh boy, it sure feels good to the senses. It's kinda cold, but it seemed like it wasnt gonna be much of a problem.
The brightness ceases, and you are finally able to make up an image of whats surrounding you. Everything is mostly white, you still are not able to make up a figre in your head, so everything looks kinda fuzzy and strange and shapeless.
I tried to take a step forward, but fell down in the attempt... there was something strange going on with my legs, it kinda felt like they were tied up. I then tried to get up from the floor, i was layin on my back, but found that imposiblle as well. It seemed i had lost my flexibility in the waist area, and the whole body seemd to be glued up with no articlations in the belly area. I had to turn around and be with my chest on the floor, so that i could then lift up.

I finally managed to stand up and kinda got a hang on the walking thing, so i hed up north. How i knew this... i have no idea.
Now, my eyes got used to the light, and i was finally able to make up an image of my envoriment. There was snow all over the place, giant mountains of snoe all around me, and a huge ice desert in front of me. Told you it was kinda cold.
I started to get hungry, so as i was passing trought a frozen lake, i dig a hole where i saw the ice was thiner and dived into the water to get some food. It was such a fun thing to do, and the view from under the ice, you cant imagine a better view than that. The rays of light traspassing the thick ice, revealing all of its insides, all the structure of the frozen water. And since all the light cant go through, you get this magnificen halos os light that form some kind of aurora underwater. And i cant tell you how agile i was under water. I mover even better than on land, but it seemed as land was the "right place" for me, i was still an intruder in this place. But a strong intruder ill tell you that, since i was getting all the fish.
After a deserved meal, and a playfull time under the water, i jumped out and kept on my walk.
After a while i could finally see the shore. And in the shore, a tribe of my own. I rushed to meet them and they recieved me with songs of the ancesters and dancings. I was a penguin.

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